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17 November 2014 - Review EBIC harvest and ancient grains seminar 2014 (Corporate News)

On the 9th of October, the eighth Harvest Seminar took place which was organised by EBIC. This year, the regular program was extended with new information and insights about ancient grains. Germany had a good harvest of normal quality. A part of the French harvest wasn't good enough.

Results of the harvest quality in The Netherlands

Every year, the harvest transition is an exciting event in the bakery sector, because the new ‘wheat’ harvest comes off the land. According to Bob Reijm (European Bakery Innovation Centre, The Netherlands), the harvest transition in The Netherlands went smooth. Because of the slightly lower protein quality, the dough should be mixed slightly shorter. Further changes in the process are not necessary. The protein quality of wheat flour and wholemeal flour is getting lower every year which is remarkable. Although the protein quality is decreasing every year for the last couple of years, the quality is still within the margin for acceptable bread. During the whole year, more fluctuations in quality appear to happen.

Nutritional values of grains in perspective

According to Prof. Dr. Fred Brouns (Health Food Innovation Management, Maastricht University, The Netherlands), many publications are not based on facts or truth (e.g. book Wheatbelly). The problem is that consumers without knowledge about these topics believe those books easily. Especially through social networks these topics are trending. Most of the statements can be debunked:

  • It’s proved that wheat is already used as food for 45.000 years;
  • Modern wheat contains even less unhealthy ingredients than older ancient grains;
  • There is no genetically modified wheat on the world market;
  • It’s not proven that spelt is more healthy than wheat, this statement requires more research;
  • Lecithin is a protected component of a plant (immune system of the plant) that falls apart by heating. This substance is not only present in wheat but also in various vegetables and fruit;
  • The fact that consumers point out that they have less complaints by the use of other grains than wheat has to be taken seriously and needs more research and investigation;
  • 20-30% of the wholegrain in a product creates a slower digestion of and glucose influx in the body;
  • Regular consumption of wholemeal bread is good to prevent diabetes, cancer, obese and cardiovascular diseases.

Read the whole review of the harvest and ancient grains seminar on the EBIC website.












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