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5 April 2013 - Sonneveld achieves unannounced BRC A+ certificate again (Corporate News)

Sonneveld has achieved the unannounced BRC A+ certification again for this year. This is the highest certificate within this standard. Since April 2011 Sonneveld meets all requirements. Sonneveld is very proud of this high performance.

The ‘BRC Global Standards’ is a leading international standard at process level, applicable to both safety and quality. Sonneveld is one of the very few companies in the Netherlands that achieved this certificate unannounced.

BRC Certification

The BRC certification stands for ‘British Retail Consortium’ and is a quality standard for food manufacturers. This standard now includes a wide range of quality requirements in the area of ​​food safety, production and environment. This certificate is recognised by the large retail organisations.

With the choice for an unannounced BRC certification Sonneveld shows that quality and food play an important role in the overall business. Sonneveld believes that at any time and under all conditions the organisation must meet the highest food safety standards.

More information

Quality is a very important issue for Sonneveld. In addition to the BRC A+ certificate, Sonneveld achieved several certificates, such as the AIB unannounced certificate. For more information see the Quality Management Systems.












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