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Here you will find our older news items (>1 year old):
7 April 2011 - Sonneveld campaign for Alpe d’HuZes / Inspire 2 L!ve (Corporate News)

April 1st Sonneveld started a campaign for Alpe d'HuZes, the Dutch version of Inspire 2 L!ve. This charity is committed to raise funds to prevent and fight cancer. For this cause, Sonneveld developed a special wholemeal bread named ‘t Colletje. For every sold bread of 400 grams, € 0,30 is donated to this charity. The basis for ‘t Colletje is the new Vitason breadmix: Vitason Volfit, which contains 50% more fibres than regular wholemeal breads.

Sonneveld on Top
June 9th will be the day on which hundreds of people will climb the Alpe d'Huez 6 times for charity. There will also be a Sonneveld team present, named Sonneveld on Top. Seven of the Sonneveld employees are currently training to get to the top of Alpe d'Huez six times. The goal of Alpe d'HuZes in 2011 is to donate a total of 20 million euros to the research in preventing and fighting cancer.


Inspire 2 L!ve
The Inspire2Live Foundation was created with the aim to empower people to convert the sense of powerlessness, caused by cancer, into strength. They achieve this by motivating as many people as possible to constantly challenge and expand their boundaries. Inspire2Live wants to raise funds to fight cancer by organising fundraising events. This year there are events in The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, The United Kingdom and Costa Rica. Examples are Alpe d'HuZes in the Netherlands and Ven2-4Cancer in Belgium. The motto is "Never, ever quit!" (












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