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8 August 2013 - Sonneveld donates computers and printers to Bake for Life (Corporate News)

For several years Sonneveld has been supporting the charity, the Bake for Life foundation, by giving financial support and by actively participating in projects. Last week Sonneveld donated nineteen computers and ten printers to Bake for Life for the bakeries in Uganda. With these items the Bake for Life bakeries will be able to continue their automation.

The Bake for Life foundation

Bake for Life gives underprivileged people in the third world an opportunity in life. They do that by building bakeries where disabled people, orphans, child soldiers, single mothers and people who because of circumstances had to leave school at a young age, are schooled to become a baker. Learning this traditional craft gives these people a chance to earn an honest living. They earn a salary and can take responsibility for their own livelihoods. As a supplier of bakery ingredients Sonneveld and the charity are a perfect match.

Donation of computers

The Bake for Life college, which offers a complete bakery education, and the bakeries in Uganda have had the need for more computers and peripherals for quite some time now. To support the school and the bakeries Sonneveld donated computers and printers to Bake for Life. All computers have been formatted and are supplied with an English version of Windows. This will help with the further automation of Bake for Life. Sister Veronica of The Little Sisters of St. Francis, which Bake for Life closely cooperates within Uganda, was very excited about the donation!

More information

For more information about Bake for Life go to the Sonneveld website or the Bake for Life website.












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