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Here you will find our older news items (>1 year old):
13 August 2013 - Sonneveld, EBIC and ORKLA are active on social media (Corporate News)

Social media is increasingly being used. By sharing information and knowledge through Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn, you are, as a baker, able to be continuously informed about all updates and news. Besides Sonneveld, EBIC and ORKLA, the parent company of Sonneveld, are also active on social media. Through various platforms, interesting information is being communicated. Follow Sonneveld, EBIC and ORKLA and you are immediately informed about the latest developments!

Sonneveld and social media

Sonneveld is active on Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn. By following these accounts, you can keep abreast of the latest news, interesting recipe tips, product launches, promotions, movies and more. Experience the ease of sharing knowledge, asking questions and obtaining information. Follow Sonneveld on Twitter via @Sonneveldgroup, view our Youtube channel and stay in touch via LinkedIn.

EBIC and social media

EBIC is active on Twitter and LinkedIn. The European Bakery Innovation Centre (EBIC) has an online community available on LinkedIn, called ‘EBIC’. EBIC is an open platform which is specially created for everyone in the bakery sector. The main objective of the EBIC group is to share knowledge and experience to maintain and increase value. Follow EBIC on Twitter via @EBIC_ and sign up for the English EBIC group on LinkedIn.

ORKLA and social media

Sonneveld is part of the Orkla Group, one of the largest listed companies in Norway. ORKLA is also active on social media to share important updates and news from ORKLA with you. You, as a baker, can follow ORKLA on social media to keep informed of interesting developments in Europe and ORKLA events. ORKLA is active on Twitter, Flickr and the ORKLA blog.












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