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21 February 2016 - Sonneveld exists 60 years and unveils new corporate identity (Corporate News)

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60 years ago, Sonneveld started as a small family business and over the years it has grown into an international company that delivers more to bakeries than just raw materials. In the framework of the added value for the customer, Sonneveld has developed a new corporate identity. A new corporate identity that really tells who Sonneveld is, what Sonneveld does and what Sonneveld stands for.


Sonneveld is an international company that develops innovative customer-specific solutions for the bakery sector and the closely-related food industry, for and with our customers with which we add value to the whole chain and especially to the customer. We offer technical support aimed at realising ideal process, bread and pastry quality, we share knowledge about bakery processes and ingredients, we develop innovative bread and pastry concepts and we also support activities that enhance the bakery sector. We use our knowledge and expertise - in terms of producing and supplying ingredients and products, as well as process-related knowledge and market insights - to work with customers on high quality and/or user-friendly products and concepts.

Inspiring Bakery Solutions

Collaborating with you, our customer, is crucial to us. After all, our solutions are the answers to your questions. The innovative products, both in ingredients and end products, is the result of our unrivalled knowledge, our pleasure in and passion for the bakery profession, our capacity to think in solutions and our intensive collaboration with you and the other bakers. The quality of our products is tested in consumer panels and Sonneveld products are also used with great success and satisfaction by you.

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