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Here you will find our older news items (>1 year old):
2 September 2016 - Sonneveld Group takes majority interest in Broer Bakkerijgrondstoffen. (Corporate News)

Sonneveld Group B.V., located in Papendrecht, The Netherlands, took over 70% of the company shares of Broer Bakkerijgrondstoffen, located in Waddinxveen, The Netherlands.

Strategically, both companies complement each other perfectly. Sonneveld is an innovative company with a focus on bread improvers, bread mixes and release agents. Broer Bakkerijgrondstoffen on the other hand is known as a producer of high quality pastry products.

General Director of Sonneveld, Peter Verhagen points out that purchasing these shares will reinforce both companies. Both culture, product portfolio and customers of the companies’ complement each other. “With this takeover, we took the next step in our ambition to be an all-round supplier of bakery ingredients. By creating synergies between the companies, we are convinced to hold a stronger market position. We face the future with full confidence.”, said Peter Verhagen.

Broer Bakkerijgrondstoffen B.V. continues to exist by the same company name, as an independent subsidiary of the Sonneveld Group.

About Sonneveld Group B.V.

Sonneveld Group, founded in 1956, is an international company that develops innovative customer-specific solutions for the bakery sector and the closely-related food industry, for and with the customers. Sonneveld offers technical support aimed at realising ideal process, bread and pastry quality, shares knowledge about bakery processes and ingredients, develops innovative bread and pastry concepts and also supports activities that enhance the bakery sector. Sonneveld uses the knowledge and expertise - in terms of producing and supplying ingredients and products, as well as process-related knowledge and market insights - to work with customers on high quality and/or user-friendly products and concepts.

About Broer Bakkerijgrondstoffen

Broer Bakkerijgrondstoffen B.V. has a long history which began in 1920 when the company was established by C.P. Broer. The company would become one of the most prominent producers of patisserie powders and almond paste, persipan and marzipan. The factory that was built in 1994 consist of 9000 m2 and is divided in two parts: one factory dedicated to the production of almond paste and marzipan and one factory for all powder based products. This production facility is among the most modern factories in Europe.












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