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Here you will find our older news items (>1 year old):
1 December 2010 - Sonneveld supports production of sustainable palm oil (Corporate News)

Sonneveld has started an active policy in support of sustainable palm oil. We have been compensating for our annual use of palm oil with GreenPalm certificates since October 2010. It is our aim to only use sustainable palm oil in our bakery ingredients from 2013.

Challenged by market developments, Sonneveld has decided to compensate for its annual use of palm oil with GreenPalm certificates.  Sonneveld Group B.V. from Papendrecht is thereby supporting the production of sustainable palm oil.  A GreenPalm certificate stands for the investment needed to produce a certain quantity of sustainable palm oil.  Sonneveld has also joined the RSPO, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.  The RSPO is dedicated to making the global palm oil production sustainable.

Jorrit de Bruin, Sonneveld’s Product Group Manager and Dutch baker Pim Visser from Echte Bakker Visser presented Ambassador Nicolette Kluijver with a ‘Monkey Sandwich’ on 25th November 2010 during the festive conclusion of the Monkey Business project for sustainable palm oil.  This ‘Monkey Sandwich’ is a tangible example of the cooperation within the bakery chain in relation to this important subject.

The Monkey Business Foundation’s objective is to prevent the orang-utan from becoming extinct and to protect its habitat, Borneo and Sumatra’s tropical rain forests.  As the illegal logging for palm oil plantations represents the biggest threat where the survival of the orang-utans are concerned, Monkey Business has challenged ten companies from the food industry to look into the preservation of palm oil.  This participation perfectly fits in with Sonneveld’s sustainability policy.

“Sonneveld wants to live up to its trendsetting role in the industry, which can partly be achieved by supporting initiatives which contribute to sustainability.  The sessions with Monkey Business have accelerated our internal process for transferring across to sustainable palm oil”, according to Jorrit de Bruin.

Sonneveld’s Quality Assurance and Care Department have a sustainable palm oil statement available for interested customers.

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