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Here you will find our older news items (>1 year old):
29 March 2019 - Sonnevelds trusted quality in new packaging design (Corporate News)

It was announced before, but now it is actually happening. The first Sonneveld products are being produced in the new designed powder bags. Soon the products in the new packaging will be delivered to your bakery. The new powder bags finalize the transformation to the new packaging line of Sonneveld and we are proud of that! Off course, the colour range of the packaging line has not been changed.

At an earlier stage, the ProSon boxes already got a new design. Last September the aerosols were relaunched with a new look as well as our paste buckets. The first products in the new powder bags are currently produced in our factory and will appear in your warehouse soon. This change to the new powder bags will gradually take place, to minimize the impact on the environment.

Only the lay-out of the packaging is changed. Off course, your trusted Sonneveld products will remain the same. Also the colour range that your used to was used in the new packaging line.

Red – loafs, bloomers etc
Green – luxury products (rolls, milkbread etc.)
Brown – wholemeal, wheat
Orange – fruit bread
Purple – crusty
Yellow - universal

Download the overview of Sonneveld's new packaging design (PDF file)













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