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New recipes for more inspiration

Do you want to be inspired and expand your product range? Sonneveld recently added a lot of new recipes to the global website. Sonneveld wants to give you new ideas for bread products made with our recipes.

Over 600 recipes
On the Sonneveld website you can find more than 600 recipes to bake (bread) products with Sonneveld ingredients. As a baker, you can easily search for all these recipes. They are divided in several categories, like season and/or themes like Christmas, Easter etc. But you can also search for ‘what do you want to bake?’ for example: tin bread, bloomers, viennoiserie etc.

s linked to our products
You can also search for a product you want to use. Almost all the Sonneveld products are linked to a recipe. So if you use one of our products, take a look at it for some inspiring recipes.

More information

For more information go to our recipes page or contact one of our offices or agents.


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