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Sonneveld products presented in Athens

Despite the economical situation in Greece, Olympic Foods has successfully organized a presentation of Sonneveld specialties in the Hilton Hotel in Athens this spring.

The event was especially organized for handcraft bakers in Greece and was visited by approx. 200 guests. Olympic Foods demonstrated over 15 Sonneveld specialties made with several bread improvers, bread mixes and cake mixes. Some of the demonstrated ingredients were tailor made for Olympic Foods and the Greek market.

Products which were presented were a.o. Sonplus Ciabatta 5%, Sonnet Brioche-20, Creations Cheese, Creations Mediteranean, Vitason Baquette Rustique 10%, Vitason Mais 50%, Vitason Ciabatta Rye 20%, Vitason Bavaria 50%, Vitason Austria 20%, Vitason Multi 10 30% Dekasporo, Vital Plus 25% and QS Vruchten Geel.

If you are interested in additional information and the possibilities of organising such an event for your market, please do not hesitate to contact us via


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