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Vegetable oils

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has assessed the safety of mineral oil in bakery products, which we as consumers consume almost daily. This is a cause of concern, especially for children between 3 and 10 years. They ingest relatively much mineral oil and the estimated margin of safety is small. Sonneveld uses in her entire product line only vegetable oils. These oils, in contrast to mineral oils, present no risk to public health.

Contamination of the food chain

The EFSA has mapped various applications of mineral oil which can lead to contamination of the food chain. That can happen in the field by the exhaust gasses of tractors, but also during processing in plants through lubricants. Paraffin oil (= mineral oil) as release agent for baking trays appears to give 500-3.000 mg/ kg saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) in bakery products. Dividing and cutting oils are, in the bakery industry, also mainly based on mineral oils.

European guideline

The European guideline EC/98/37 annex 2-1g indicates that machines has to be designed and constructed so that products such as lubricants can’t come in contact with food. The machine has to be designed and constructed in a way that it can be checked if it meets the requirements. The above paragraph shows that this guideline is not always been followed.

A good alternative

Sonneveld uses vegetable oils in her products. These oils can be safely used as release agents, dividing and cutting oils and present no risk to public health. These products are available under the names Division, Gold, Goldwax and Pancoating.


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