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1 August 2013 - Highlighted: Productgroup Proson (Produkt Wiadomości)

Sonneveld has an extensive and distinctive assortment of bakery ingredients. An important product group from Sonneveld contains our block improvers, named Proson. Proson can be divided into two product groups: Proson Improver and Proson Character. The Proson products have been specially developed and are easy to process due to the block form. The two leading Proson products, Proson XS and Proson Uniforce Royal, are highlighted in this article.

Proson Improver and Proson Character

Proson Improver has been specially developed for the quality baker who wants to meet the demands of today’s consumer. The bread varieties baked with Proson Improver will have a surprisingly short bite in combination with superior softness. Consumer tests have repeatedly confirmed Proson’s attractive crumb colour, rich aroma and full flavour. Proson’s high fat content, in a clever combination with the other ingredients, guarantees excellent dough properties and a high dough tolerance. Proson Improver also provides more flavour and convenience for the user.

Proson Character products are dosed on top of a bread (Proson) improver. The relatively high amount of fat in Proson products makes it possible to add functional ingredients. This gives you the possibility to influence the desired quality of your bread products. Proson Character provides flexibility and distinctiveness.

The two leading Proson products, Proson XS and Proson Uniforce Royal, are highlighted below.

Proson XS (extra softness)

Proson XS is a unique bread characteristic influencer, specially developed to improve the softness and freshness of all types of breads and rolls. Proson XS gives your bread unprecedented softness. The end result: extra soft bread and very fresh. Thanks to the unique block form, Proson XS is very easy to process.

Proson Uni-force Royal

Proson Uni-force Royal is an universal bread improver for all types of bread. Especially suitable for crispy types of bread. This product compensates for discrepancies in the quality of the flour, ensuring the baked products have a consistently high quality. Other positive properties of bread baked with Proson Uni-force Royal are the good ovenspring, volume and a regular crumb structure. It also gives good tolerance when using a retarding dough, or when a freezing process is used.

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