Guaranteeing the quality and food safety of products, people and the environment is crucial. We also bear the responsibility to comply with European legislation. Therefore, we participate in various (unannounced) audits and obtain the corresponding certificates to optimize work processes and food safety within both our production and office environments. In addition to various Quality Management Systems (KMS) and associated certificates at process level, we also have a number of product certificates. Download our certificates here.


We possess the BRC GS certificate and meet the standard for food suppliers. BRC GS stands for Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standards.

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Our systems are certified for Mass Balance (MB) and Segregated (SG). Sonneveld’s palm oil-containing products only contain the highest achievable, sustainable palm oil and can be recognized by the addition after the article name: RSPO-SG or RSPO-MB.

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SKAL Bio / Organic / EKO

Skal’s BIO certificate guarantees the reliability of our organic products (EKO).

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The Riskplaza Audit+ is aimed at guaranteeing the food safety of ingredients, so that bakers do not have to worry about their safety.

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Our Halal products are produced according to Islamic guidelines and are suitable for consumption by Muslims.

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The kosher production of our products is possible on request

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The Orkla Food Safety Standard (OFSS) forms the basis for guaranteeing food safety and a high uniform quality level within all Orkla (production) companies.