Improved bread quality and a stable production process with FermenSon | Sydöstbagarn

Sydöstbagarn, a medium sized industrial bakery from Sweden, improved the quality of their breads and gained a more stable production process by implementing FermenSon from Sonneveld Group. Linus Henriksson from Sydöstbagarn explains in this video which bakery challenge they had and how the bakery experts from Sonneveld Group and KåKå AB helped him to find and implement the right solution. Do you want to know about the possibilities of FermenSon for your bakery? Discover more about FermenSon.

FermenSon clean label liquid bread improvers

The FermenSon family is a selection of clean label liquid bread improvers based on pre-ferment technology for baking premium quality bread. These multi-purpose clean label bread improvers help bakers to create an optimal production process that is efficient and time-saving.

FermenSon is very easy to dose and can be used for baking a wide variety of popular premium quality breads, like toast bread, soft buns and soft rolls with clean labels.

Your bakery customers will benefit from several advantages:

  • Easy and low dosage
  • Optimal dough stability
  • Prolonged freshness and shelf-life of baked products
  • Bake a wide variety of premium quality breads
  • Sell bread products with clean labels

For more information about FermenSon, please contact our specialists.