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Sonextra Sustain: reprocessing bread

We are much more conscious about throwing away food and reprocessing waste in these current times. Sonneveld has guaranteed sustainability in its organisation. We aim to develop products which will reduce your and our own impact on the environment. Plus reprocessing bread can also result in considerable savings within your organisation. This is why Sonneveld has developed the product Sonextra Sustain.

Downgrading food

An average of 1 to 2% of bread baked in the larger bakeries is unsuitable for sale. This concerns bread which doesn’t satisfy particular specifications. The bread will end up as cattle feed or form part of the waste flow. We refer to this as the ‘downgrading’ of food. The downgrading of food has an enormous impact on the environment right across the world.

Reprocessing bread

Sonneveld has developed a concept for the reprocessing of bread, Sonextra Sustain. Sonextra Sustain is a unique product which will enable you to process bread in a qualitative and safe manner. Sonextra Sustain will allow you to turn waste bread into a sourdough for the daily production of your bread. The special technology included in the starter prevents the growth of spore forming bacteria which cause mould. The result is bread which is tastier and softer than bread produced without the sourdough from waste bread.

Saving money

Sonextra Sustain will save you money as a result of the reduction of ingredients. Plus you will also be realising savings where the removal of your waste bread is concerned. The reprocessing of waste bread into bread will allow you to make a concrete contribution to reducing waste and therefore a better environment, whilst it will also result in higher profit levels for you.

  • Reduced costs (fewer raw materials and less waste)
    • Example: a bakery which uses 10 tonnes of flour saves up to 32,000 euros per year with Sonextra Sustain.
  • A softer and better tasting bread
  • Reduced risk of rope
  • Good for the environment

Sonextra Sustain video

More information

Visit the product page of Sonextra Sustain for more information about the product. Do you have any questions? Our Product Group Manager will answer any of your questions. You can send an e-mail to:
BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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