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Danish Rye Loaf


Flour (high protein) 10% 1000 g
Vitason Danish Rye 100% » 90% 9000 g
Fresh Yeast 1.5% 150 g
Salt 0.2% 20 g
Water approx. 60% 6000 g
Working method
Kneading Mix all ingredients for 8 minutes and knead 1 minute
Dough temperature Approx. 26ºC
Bulk proof Approx. 20 minutes
Scale Approx. 1500 grams
Moulding Mould the dough pieces as a long loaf on a with oil rubbed bench. Roll the dough pills after a while, so that a nice smooth dough skin arises. Then place the dough pieces into with rye flour prepared proofing baskets
Final proof Approx. 40 minutes
Processing Turn over the proofing baskets and place the dough pieces on with rice flour prepared inserters or baking sheets
Baking Insert at 230ºC and bake approx. 55 minutes at 220ºC with steam
BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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