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Sourdough Excellent Authentic


Flour 25% 2500 g
Sonextra Zuurdesempoeder (Sourdough) » 75% 7500 g
Fresh Yeast* 0,1 - 0,3% 10-30 g
Water approx. 100% 10000 g
Working method
Mixing Dissolve the yeast in the water and then mix it with flour and Sonextra Zuurdesempoeder Stir it smoothly in a bucket** which size is twice as much than the mass
Intermediair proof Leave it for 12-48 hours in the proofer at 28ºC
Scale 10-30% of the flour weight
Extra information
Remarks Do NOT save the remnants of the dough in the freezer * Yeast dosage: -0.1% ..... 48 hours fermentation -0.2% ..... 24 hours fermentation -0.3% ..... 12 hours fermentation Tip **: Sonneveld bucket is well suited for this occasion.
BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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