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Square Fruit Bread


Flour 80% 8000 g
Rye flour 20% 2000 g
QS Vruchten Geel (Fruit Bread) » 20% 2000 g
Fresh Yeast 4% 400 g
Salt 1.5% 150 g
Water approx. 80% 8000 g
Pecan nuts 40% 4000 g
Cranberry 40% 4000 g
Working method
Kneading Knead all ingredients into a smooth and well developed dough. Dough is slightly weak doe to the high dossage of water
Dough temperature Approx. 25 °C
Bulk proof Approx. 45 minutes in a covered container at bakery temperature
Scale Turn the container on a sufficiently floured bench. For square breads scale approx. 400-450 grams. (Bread size approx. 10 x 10 cm.) Place the doughpieces directly on inserters
Final proof Approx. 75 minutes
Baking Overfloor baked approx. 35-40 minutes at 230°C
BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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