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Toffee Apple Pie


Shortbread % g
Sonextra Bruin (Sonextra brown) » % 2000 g
Dairy Butter % 500 g
Sugar % 400 g
Flour % 200 g
Water approx. % 60 g
Toffee Cake Batter % g
Credi Toffee Cake » % 2500 g
Rapeseed Oil % 1000 g
Egg % 875 g
Water approx. % 500 g
Apple slices % g
Working method
Method Shortbread: Mix all ingredients to a homogenius dough. For better processing, prepare the shortbread dough at least one day in advance and keep it in a cool place
Moulding Roll the shortbread dough into a slice of 2,5 mm. thickness. Spread the dough slice over the flan baking tins with a 24 cm diameter. Press on and cut the excess dough. The flan baking tins then contains about 200 grams of shortbread dough
Cake Toffee cake batter: Mix all ingredients approx. 4 minutes on low speed with whisk till a smooth batter
Scale Divide approx. 250 grams batter in each flan baking tin
Decorating Decorate each flan baking tin with approx. 200 grams apple slices
Baking Approx. 35 minutes at 160°C
BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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