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Inverno Snack Bread snacks QS Croustillant (Crispy)
Spelt Baguette Breads of the world Vitason Spelt, QS Croustillant (Crispy)
Spelt Pistolets Crispy bread (rolls) Vitason Spelt, QS Croustillant (Crispy)
Recipe name Product type Sonneveld product(s)
Baguettes Breads of the world QS Croustillant (Crispy)
Baguette and Crispy Rolls Crispy bread (rolls), Breads of the world QS Croustillant (Crispy)
Celebread Mediterranée (Cheese Onion) Bread snacks QS Croustillant (Crispy), CreationS Mediterranean
Celebread Light Multigrain (Green Herbs) Bread snacks QS Croustillant (Crispy), Vitason Licht Meergranen (multigrain light) 50%
Celebread with Cheese Topping (Pomodori) Bread snacks QS Croustillant (Crispy), Sonextra Marinade Pomodori
Chia Buckwheat Champions Rolls Crispy bread (rolls) Vitason Chia Buckwheat, QS Croustillant (Crispy)
Ciabatta with Red Wine Breads of the world QS Croustillant (Crispy)
Dark Malt Loaf with Sarrasin Tin bread (open & closed), Tin bread (open & closed), Tin bread (open & closed) QS Croustillant (Crispy), CreationS Dark Malt, Proson Sarrasin
Maize Bloomer Sarrasin QS Croustillant (Crispy), CreationS Maize, Proson Sarrasin
Marguerite Crispy bread (rolls) QS Croustillant (Crispy)
Nonnevotten Soft rolls and buns QS Melkbollen (Milky Buns), QS Croustillant (Crispy)
Pistolets Crispy bread (rolls) Sonextra Shortening Clean Label, QS Croustillant (Crispy)
Pumpkin Loaf with Sarrasin Proson Sarrasin, CreationS Pumpkin, QS Croustillant (Crispy)
Schnittbrötchen Crispy bread (rolls) QS Croustillant (Crispy)
Schnittbrötchen Multi 10 Crispy bread (rolls) QS Croustillant (Crispy), Vitason Multi 10 30%
Schnittbrötchen Vital Crispy bread (rolls), Crispy bread (rolls) QS Croustillant (Crispy)
Sunflower Sarrasin Bread QS Croustillant (Crispy), CreationS Sunflower, Proson Sarrasin
BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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