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At organic production there are minimal process additives used. Process addivitives are substances which are not in the product itself, but can be added during the production, for example to change the structure of the product.

Organic products

During organic production only additives are admitted if they are technological indespensable. Organic sugar may not be bleached and organic margarine is not hardened with an excipient. Sugar may be added to organic wine to increase the artificial percentage of alcohol. In organic farming they don’t use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. During the harvesting of seeds no genetic manipulation takes place.

Organic bread

At the production of organic bread the basic ingredients may be used. Improving an organic bread at taste and texture is only possible with a natural addition. Next to that they may use non-genetically modified enzymes.


A bread that can be named organic contains at least 95% ingredients from organic origin. Organic bread doesn’t has a major disposal. Sometimes organic bread is prepared with sourdough. To this typical sour taste consumers can hardly get used. That’s why some of the bakers are using organic products, but prepare the dough in a conventional way. It is very difficult to make a good organic bread that meets the current demands of the consumers. All this is strictly controlled to wear and maintain the EKO certification.

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