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Sonneveld Group is a supplier of an extensive assortment of bread improvement agents, bread and pastry mixes and release agents. These products are supplied to traditional as well as industrial bakeries. An important part of our turnover is earned through export to countries in Europe, the Middle East, South America and South East Asia. Sonneveld is market leader in the Netherlands and one of the most important players in the Benelux.

Establishment Sonneveld

Sonneveld was established in 1956 in Sliedrecht by the gentlemen E.J. Sonneveld Sr. and his oldest son C.G. Sonneveld. With the formation of the company it was named Soneco, a factory for bread-fats and emulsions. At that time it was common for most suppliers and dealers in the bread manufacturing market to offer a large assortment of basic bakery ingredients and products. For this reason, Soneco made a conscious choice to specialise in bread improvement agents. It turned out to be a good choice; a new factory in Sliedrecht with modern machinery quickly replaced the small workplace in the garage.

Moving to Papendrecht

In 1971 the company moved to Papendrecht and proceeded under the new name ‘Sonneveld'. In 1973 the assortment of basic bakery ingredients was increased with the introduction of bread improvers in powder form. In 1983 the former owner, Mr. Geert Sonneveld, acquired his brother's company shares. Quality is of paramount importance at Sonneveld. This is why in 1995 Sonneveld invested in a new factory for the production of bread improvement agents in powder form. In 1992 Sonneveld became the first in the branch to receive the NEN-ISO 9001 certificate.


The constant drive towards innovation led in 1998 to the introduction of bread improvers in liquid form for the industrial segment. Vast resources were put into the development of Proson for the traditional segment. Proson is an assortment of bread improvement agents in block form, with the advantages of pastes and powders combined.

Investing in liquid bread improvers

More than this, investment was continuous. In 2001 the new and larger warehouse was put into use with a festive opening. On the 6th September 2005 ‘Palipro' was opened. Palipro is the biggest fully automated factory in Europe for the production of liquid bread improvement agents with an oil basis. Through the success of the products Proson and Liquison, capacity expansion became necessary for the production process of these innovations.

European Bakery Innovation Centre (EBIC)

On September 13th, 2006 Sonneveld opened its most recent initiative, European Bakery Innovation Centre (EBIC). Sonneveld believes in the power of innovation and the sharing of knowledge. It is a platform for branch colleagues/partners who wish to work towards a healthy future for the European bakery sector.

Management Sonneveld

On January 1st, 2007 Geert Sonneveld stepped down as director and retired. He is succeeded by Cees Hack, who leads Sonneveld untill 2015. As of 2015, Peter Verhagen is appointed as director and the chosen strategy is continued under his leadership.

Orkla Food Ingredients

On April 26, 2010 Orkla Food Ingredients (OFI), from Oslo, Norway, has taken over Sonneveld Group B.V. The existing Management Team and Managing Director guarantee that Sonnevelds working method and company values will not change. Sonneveld and other companies in the OFI group such as Odense Marcipán, Credin, Dragsbæk, Idun and Kaka, are a powerful combination, with optimal opportunities to share knowledge and technologies. OFI is one of the major suppliers of bakery ingredients in Europe with subsidiaries in 17 European countries. OFI is part of the Orkla Group and is active in various sectors. More information about OFI can be found on their website

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