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6 March 2015 - Unique flavour and softness with Crème Supersoft products (Product News)

Crème Supersoft (bread improver in paste form) is especially developed to create high end quality breads with a delicious flavour and a long lasting softness, even after freezing. Bread prepared with Crème Supersoft crumbles less when sliced. Even more, Crème Supersoft ensures that doughs are easy to process and it improves the oven spring. Your customers will appreciate the long lasting softness of their daily bread. Sonneveld also provides Crème Supersoft with butter aroma which gives your bread an extra butter flavour. Crème Supersoft is used for all types of brown, white and wholemeal breads.

Recipes with Crème Supersoft

Sonneveld Crèmes

Sonneveld’s bread improvers in paste form, like Crème Supersoft and Crème Supersoft with butter aroma, offer high end quality products. Crèmes are ideal for bakers who like to work with fat-rich products. The ingenious combination of vegetable fats with functional ingredients delivers supple and dry doughs which offer excellent workability and good tolerance. The result is a top quality end product with a short bite and superior softness. Sonneveld supplies bread improvers in paste form for just about every bread variety. Allowing you to adjust softness, crumb colour and volume according to your own wishes.

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