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Reprocessing bread

In these current times we deal with throwing away food and reprocessing waste in a much more conscientious manner. Sonneveld presented the solution for reprocessing rejected bread during IBA 2009.

Reduce waste

1 to 2% of bread baked in the larger bakeries is unsuitable for sale. This concerns bread which doesn't satisfy the specifications set. This bread will end up as cattle feed or will simply be treated as waste. We refer to this as the ‘downgrading' of food. The worldwide downgrading of food has an enormous impact on the environment. Sonneveld has developed a concept which assumes the reprocessing of bread. The rejected bread is reprocessed into sourdough and therefore becomes an ingredient for the daily bread production.

Unique bread reprocessing product

Sonextra Sustain is a unique product, which allows for a high quality and safe reprocessing of bread. The result is a tasteful end product, a reduced waste flow and a significant cost saving.

More information about Sonextra Sustain

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