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Sustainability Report

Our sustainability report is a tangible documentation of our SRE ambitions.

Sonneveld thinks and works in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. We are always looking for the best possible solutions, with respect for people, the environment and society.

The initiatives that Sonneveld pursues are summarized in the sustainability report 2015. Orkla also publishes her sustainability work when it comes to topics such as nutrition and health, food and product safety, responsible sourcing, environment, occupational health and safety, human resource development and corporate culture, and scoiety in an Annual Report.

Actual sustainability reports:

Sonneveld Sustainability Report 2015
Orkla Annual Report 2015 (including Sustainability)

Previous Sonneveld sustainability reports:

Sustainability Report 2014
Orkla Sustainability Report 2014
Sustainability Report 2013

Orkla Sustainability Report 2013
Sustainability Report 2012

Orkla Sustainability Report 2012
2011 Sustainability report

2010 Sustainability and social report
2009 Sustainability report

BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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