FermenSon Booster

The innovative clean label liquid improver that enables bakeries to boost the volume of laminated products up to 30% while maximizing product margin and production efficiency.

Choose your solution with FermenSon Booster

FermenSon Booster enables you to utilize enzyme technology to boost the lamination effect which results in laminated goods with a bigger volume, while maintaining the high quality and being freeze stable. In a clean label way! You can focus on one of the solution directions below to add more value to your production and differentiate your products from the competition.

Same dough weight
with increased volume

Use the same dough weight and increase the volume of your laminated goods up to 30%. Enabling you to gain more profit from your products.

Reduced dough weight and volume maintenance

By boosting the volume, you can reduce the weight of the unproofed products and reach the same volume as usual. Less ingredients & costs!

Same dough weight with reduced fat

Reduce the amount of fat in your laminated dough while keeping the same product quality resulting in fat reduced baked goods.

Maximize your product profit

We enable you to get more volume from the same dough weight, increase your product margins and save costs per unit. In addition, our advanced formulation makes it able to reduce the amount of fat in your laminated goods, resulting in fat reduced baked goods. 

FermenSon Booster ensures a consistent high quality and freeze stability, making it perfect for frozen unproofed and proofed products. You’re fully in control of your dough properties, structure and volume of laminated pastries. The liquid solution is also perfectly suitable for automatic dosing within your bakery.

Advantages of FermenSon Booster

  • Better lamination
  • Improved moistness
  • Good dough handling
  • Volume improvement up-top 30%
  • Innovative enzyme technology inside
  • Clean label
  • Easy to dose because of the liquid appearance, also perfect for automatic dosing in industrial production facilities
  • For croissants, danish and puffed pastry, and other laminated products

FermenSon Booster

Discover the product advantages of FermenSon Booster. The solution to boost the volume of your laminated goods.

Recipe French croissants

View the recipe example for French croissants with FermenSon Booster.

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