GOLD 2000

Gold 2000 is a thin, liquid releasing agent for individual breads and for confectionery, low-fat sponge and fatless sponge products that are easy to release and have a very long shelf-life. The carbonisation is slowed down, which means it is ideal for perforated baking sheets.

For final products with a very long shelf-life
No residual product left on the baking equipment
Extremely suitable for perforated baking sheets and steel rings


Article number



20L Jerrycans; 210L Drums; 1000L IBC container


Shelf life

12 months

Physical appearance

About Gold release agents
The releasing agents in the Gold range are made from high-grade vegetable oils and waxes. No burnt residual product remains in the baking tins. The result is a beautiful final product and longer lasting baking sheets.
Product specification

GOLD 2000

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