Double-It Sweet


  • 10000 g - 100% Flour
  • 10000 g - 100% Sonnet Variatiemix Kwark
  • 2500 g - 25% Eggs
  • 5000 g - 50% Cold water approx.

Fruit Filling::

  • 23000 g - 230% Bake Stable Fruit Filling

Working method

  • Mix all ingredients into a smooth and developed dough Mixing time: approx. 5 minutes in first gear
  • Dough temperature: approx. 20ºC
  • Roll the dough directly into a slice with thickness 1.25 mm and place it on baking paper Stab round pieces of approx. 18 cm, approx. 60 grams of dough Remove the redundant pieces of dough Cut the silicone paper (square) and freeze the dough pieces Remove the dough pieces from the freezer and divide 50 grams of bake stable fruit filling across the dough
  • Bake it directly at 240ºC on the oven floor, pancakes plate or baking sheet with baking paper for about 1 to 2.5 min
  • Shovel it into a cardboard and fold it directly after baking Eat it while it is hot