Luxe Cake


  • 10000 g Sonnique Luxe Cake 100%
  • 5000 g Eggs 50%
  • 5000 g Dairy Butter 50%


  • 1000 g Raisins (washed & air dryed) 10%

Working method

  • Stir the diary butter smooth and creamy in the machine bowl with whisk guard. Add eggs first and at last Sonnique Luxe Cake. Mix the ingredients well, then whipping about 5 minutes in second gear. After this mix in the raisins in first gear
  • Dough temperature: approx. 440 grams for cake tin 20 x 9 x 7 cm
  • Baking: Approx. 50 minutens at 170-180°C
The butter can be replaced wholly or partially by margarine. Also it is possible to add taste, for example with lemon zest