Mini Quark Buns Sugar


  • 10000 g - 100% Flour
  • 20000 g - 200% Sonnet Variatiemix Kwark
  • 1000 g - 10% LiquiSon Short Cake
  • 5000 g - 50% Eggs
  • 7500 g - 75% Water approx.


  • 7500 g - 75% Sugar Nibs P2


  • Granulated Sugar or Sugar Nibs P2
  • and other decoration materials

Working method

  • Mix all ingredients into a smooth and developed dough. Mixing time: approx. 5 minutes. After kneading directly put mix filling in
  • Dough temperature: approx. 24ºC
  • Weigh it in rollout pieces which are reasonably fast to process Let the dough rest under a piece of plastic
  • Dough rest: Approx. 20 minutes
  • Roll the dough pieces to a slice with thickness of 10 mm. Then stick it with a serrated pastry plug of 4 cm diameter. Approx. 18 g each. Place the dough pieces on baking sheets (Outcome: Baking: Approx. 2791 pcs)
  • Baking: Approx. 12 minutes at 230ºC
  • Package the products after baking and cooling down
  • If desired, slightly moisten the stretched out dough pieces and dip them in the granulated sugar or the sugar nibs
Packaging advice: Wrap in plastic after cooling and decoration Storage: Cool and dry place