Multigrain De Luxe


  • 5000 g - 50% Flour (high protein)
  • 5000 g - 50% VitaSon Multigranen (multigrain) 50%
  • 250 g - 2.5% Fresh Yeast
  • 7000 g - 70% Water Approx.


  • 3000 g - 30% Cranberries
  • 3000 g - 30% Burnished cashews

Working method

  • Knead all ingredients into a smooth and well developed dough. After kneading directly mix filling in
  • Dough temperature: approx. 26ºC
  • Bulk proof: Approx. 30 minutes
  • Scale: Approx. 600 grams and mould the dough pieces in a short and stump model
  • Dough proof: Approx. 30 minutes
  • Degas only the dough pieces of the dots and stay away from the center of the dough piece. Fold the degassed dots on the center and press down lightly to create a square model. Let them rise with the closing up on lightly dusted blankets
  • Final proof: Approx. 50 minutes
  • Prepare inserters with baking paper, turn over the dough pieces and place them on the baking paper. Bake the dough pieces, on baking paper, directly on the floor of the oven
  • Insert at 230ºC and bake approx. 30 minutes at 210ºC with steam