Spelt Rusk


  • 10000 g - 100% Vitason Spelt
  • 800 g - 8% Caster sugar
  • 600 g - 6% Fresh Yeast
  • 1500 g - 15% Whole Egg
  • 3000 g - 30% Water approx.

Working method

  • Mix all ingredients into a smooth and well developed dough. Note: speltdough is faster developed than wheatdough
  • Scale: Dough temperature: approx. 1500 grams (30 pieces)
  • Bench proof: Approx. 5 minutes
  • Divide and round up. Place the dough pieces on baking sheets and place the rusk caps over it
  • Final proof: Let rise until three of the four holes in the rusk caps are full
  • Baking: Approx. 8 minutes at 250ºC. Remove rusk caps immediately after baking
  • Let crumpets cool down and then cut horizontally. Lay all halves with the crumbs up on the baking sheets. Let them dry in an oven at approx. 140ºC with the steamvalve open until desired crispiness
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