Easy Go Keg

Achieve the lowest cost in use per release!

The Easy Go® Keg Air-Mix is a complete spray system which is used to apply release agents in an easy and efficient manner. The results are: beautiful end products thanks to the flawless and fast way of releasing.

Did you know that the Sonneveld Easy Go® Keg doses less than 50% compared to a traditional air-less Keg system? Due to the air-mix technique combined with Goldwax, a very low dosage can be realized. Because of the low dosage you save costs and earn more profit!

The system for flawless and fast release of baked goods!

Easy Go® Keg is a complete self-contained system for the easy application of release agents, resulting in beautiful end products thanks to flawless and fast release. The constant spray pattern ensures that the release agent is evenly distributed over the cans, plates and pans, while the environment remains clean. Easy Go ® Keg is an airless closed system, which means less atomization in the bakery. This way you maintain a clean and hygienic working environment in the bakery.

Completely enclosed system for a clean working environment​

The mobile Easy Go® Keg system is the ideal solution for bakers who like to keep their environment clean and consider hygiene in the bakery of importance. Thanks to the constant spray pattern, the release agent or lubricant is evenly distributed over every surface. The mist formation in the bakery also decreases due to the closed system. This keeps the environment clean. Various Easy Go® Keg systems and products are available, making this solution suitable for any bakery situation.

Products with Easy Go Keg


Bio Release 250 Easy Go Keg is an organic vegetable-based release agent with high release power. Bio Release 250 can be applied to all types ...
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Goldwax Easy Go Air Mix is a vegetable-based universal release agent with high release power. Goldwax can be applied to all types of plates and ...
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Divison 20 Easy Go Keg is a universal vegetable-based lubricant for new and old dough hoppers, wagons, bins, work surfaces and other applications. Specially designed ...
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Easy Go Pro is a complete spraying system for an easy application of release agents resulting in beautiful end products, flawless and quick release and ...
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The best system to release baked good flawless and fast!

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