Bread improvers

Improvers that enhance bread characteristics

The use of bread improvers in your bakery production process helps to gain better control over the quality, consistency, and efficiency of your production process and your baked goods. Bread improvers are ideal to overcome production challenges, increase dough tolerance  and to optimize the softness, freshness, volume and shelf-life of your baked goods. We offer a various range of bread improvers, to make sure you can easily bake premium quality breads. Even if you’re looking for clean label (liquid) bread improvers, Sonneveld ensure you can create bread that not only tastes exceptional but also meets clean label criteria. By using our expertise in bread, we can create tailor-made solutions that perfectly match with your needs in processing and product quality. Discover our bread improvers and get in touch to discuss the opportunities for your bakery business. 


White bread improvers

Brown bread improvers

Wholemeal bread improvers

Crusty bread improvers

Fruit & luxury bread improvers

Flatbread improvers


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Pastry solutions

Quality pastry ingredients are the basis for every bakers assortment. Our pastry ingredients enable you to offer a versatile range of pastry to seduce your customers.

Release solutions

Achieve a flawless and quick release of your baked goods with a lower dosage, less waste and a lower cost-in-use. Find your perfect match between the release agent and spraying machines.