Pastry ingredients

Endless variation possibilities

Quality pastry ingredients are the basis for every bakers assortment. Our pastry ingredients enable you to offer a versatile range of pastry products that attract, seduce and overwhelm your customers with their tasty appearance. With endless variation possibilities, you can respond to local, national and international trends and ideas to meet the demand of your customers.


Cake mixes

Sponge cake mixes

Muffin mixes

Choux mixes

Custards & fillings

Donut mixes

Marzipan & masses

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Best of both worlds to unlock the potential in pastry

Since Sonneveld is part of ORKLA, we have a close cooperation with the other OFI sister companies. Credin is one of these companies, with over 50 years of expertise in pastry in several countries in Europe.

Every process is different, every confectionary has other challenges or questions. Combining the insights in every situation, with the expertise in pastry of Credin and the market knowledge from Sonneveld, we believe we offer our clients a broad portfolio in pastry solutions. Together we’re building towards a great partnership in pastry!


to find the right ingredients for your pastry creations

Bread solutions

Discover our bread mixes, improvers and decorations that enable you to bake premium quality breads with enhanced characteristics, varieties and flavours.

Release solutions

Achieve a flawless and quick release of your baked goods with a lower dosage, less waste and a lower cost-in-use. Find your perfect match between the release agent and spraying machines.