CreationS: Try, Variate and Create!

As a baker, you ensure the optimal balance in your product range in terms of type of bread, crumb color, softness and filling of the product. Preferably in an efficient manner and with as few different raw materials as possible. By flexible dosing the CreationS premixes (between 10 and 40%), you are able to create your own recipes in the dosage you want. One premix can be the basis for various breads in your range. CreationS premixes can be combined with any bread improver and do not contain salt. The premixes are also flexible, tolerant and very easy to process in all regular bakery production processes.

Five types of CreationS premixes

The CreationS premixes are available in five types of which you determine the dosage percentage yourself:

CreationS Maize

CreationS Maize is used for both large bread and for specialties such as bread snacks and laminating products. This premix is rich in corn balls, corn flour, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds. The premix gives a generous baking quality.

CreationS Malted Wheat

With CreationS Malted Wheat you can easily vary the crumb color of your multigrain bread, from dark to very dark. The higher the dosage used, the darker the crumb color. The premix has a balanced blend of different malt flours, seeds, sunflower seeds and roasted soy pieces.

CreationS Pumpkin

CreationS Pumpkin is the ideal premix for various types of large bread and soft rolls. In addition to pumpkin seeds, this premix also contains a blend of linseed, roasted sesame seeds and rye.

CreationS Sunflower

CreationS Sunflower is ideally suited for large and small bread types and specialties such as baguettes and laminating products. The premix has a high proportion of sunflower seeds, linseed, roasted sesame seeds and corn balls.

Make the difference with CreationS

  • Concentrated premixes
  • Flexible dosing (10-40%)
  • Dosage determines crumb colour and filling
  • Can be combined with any bread improver
  • Rich in seeds and kernels
  • Efficiency in storage