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Product group Divison


The product group Divison is a wide assortment of dividing and slicing oils. Divison is particularly suitable for precisely dividing dough and slicing bread. Intensive endurance testing have shown Divison offers the best possible protection against damage of knives and pistons. This product will provide you with a guarantee that your valuable investments will continue to perform optimally. Divison products are also used for greasing dough hoppers, dough bowls and (bread) slicing machines.

5 products in the Divison range: Specify your preferences

Legend: Promotional product Promotional product
Name Dosage Physical appearance Packaging size
Bio Divison 75 Not relevant Liquid 20 ltr
Divison 20 Not relevant Liquid 20 ltr
Divison 40 Not relevant Liquid 20 ltr
Divison 5 Not relevant Liquid 10 ltr
Divison Spray Not relevant Liquid 12 stk

The Profit of Waste

The Profit of Waste

Release agent advice

Release agent advice
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