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8 results:

Legend: Promotional product Promotional product
Name Dosage Physical appearance Packaging size
Credi Cookie Dark 100% Powder 10 kg
Credi Cookie Plain 100% Powder 10 kg
Credi Fond Neutral 100% Powder 3 kg
Credi Multicake 100% Powder 10 kg
Credi Toffee Cake 100% Powder 10 kg
Credicrem Toffee 100% Not relevant 12 kg
Credin Cake Choco Extra Dark 100% Powder 12.50 kg
Odense Coconut Paste Not relevant Paste 6 kg

The Profit of Waste

The Profit of Waste

Release agent advice

Release agent advice
BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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