Multigrain Buns (Fermenson)


  • 7500 g - 75% Bloem Type T65
  • 2500 g - 25% Basic Premix DM
  • 150 g - 1.5% Fresh yeast
  • 200 g - 2% FermenSon Prestige
  • 7000 g - 70% Ice water approx.


  • 10-zadenmix (mixture of 10 differend seeds)
  • Rye flour

Working method

  • Mix all ingredients into a smooth and well developed dough. Start with 55% water, add remaining water later on.
  • Scaling - 1st : 1x 2500 grams (6 pieces) 2nd : 1x 3500 grams (30 pieces) 3th : 1x 5000 grams (20 pieces) place scaled dough in with oil prepared containers
  • Dough rest: Approx. 40 minutes
  • Sprinkle bench with rye flour and flip over the container. Divide in 6/30/20 pieces. Place the dough pieces on with rice flour prepared inserters or baking sheets
  • The first fold in three takes place after 30 minutes. Turn the dough through and fold. Make sure that the width of the dough is equal to the width of the container and cover with plastic. Repeat the second fold after approx. 45 minutes and cover again with plastic. This fold is equal to the first fold.
  • Bake the buns in a inserter oven, directly on the sole, on a temperature approx. 250ºC (The baking time can vary on type oven en weight product)