SonPulse Savoury Fillings

Welcome to the world of savoury snacking! A growing market segment with a lot of potential, especially in the bakery world! With the innovative filling for all your premium savoury snacks! 

Future food: savoury snacks

Are you ready for the next big opportunity in the bakery industry in the world of savoury snacks?! As consumer preferences shift towards healthier and more sustainable choices, there’s a growing demand for pulse based options. Combining these two trends in our innovative fillings, crafted with the finest plant-based ingredients, allowing you to create a range of savoury snacks to jump on this evolving trend.

On the go

The Generations Z and Millennials are looking for convenience as they are often on the road


Savoury snacks are products most likely to replace bread at breakfast or lunch

To share

1 in 2 consumers worldwide say they replace their meal with a quick snack to share

Consumer surveys show that 51% of the consumers is motivated to consume more protein rich alternatives.

The demand for pulse based savoury bakery products and savoury snacks is growing fastest in the European Bakery industry. This development fits seamlessly with trends and consumer needs such as sustainability, health, snackification, on the go! Our SonPulse savoury fillings provide a sustainable basis for future food snacks.

Change is in your hands.
Get ready to go beyond with future food

You will be the innovator in the bakery market if you add savoury fillings to your product portfolio. This gives you the opportunity to be amongst the first in your market to offer savoury snacks to your customers. 

Entering new opportunites with savoury fillings will enable you to bake premium quality snacks. Get in touch with our experts to explore the possibilities in your market.

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