SonPulse savoury fillings RTU

Introducing SonPulse by Sonneveld: a line of ready to use (RTU) gourmet bean fillings. Expertly crafted from a mix of white and brown beans, our pasteurized delight allows the culinary world to meet the bakery world to seamlessly introduce global nuances into their products, be it in savoury pastries or gourmet snacks. We offer ready to use fillings as well as base fillings to tailor to your own market. The ready to use fillings come in consumer favorite flavours, such as: spicy Tandoori, smoky BBQ Chicken, Mexican fiësta and vibrant Korean fillings.


A premium mixture, of plant-based ingredients.
Versatile intensity, offering nuances ranging from delicately subtle to richly pronounced.
Available in four ready to use fillings, with flavours from the spicy notes of Tandoori to the smoky whispers of BBQ Chicken.


Article number


SonPulse RTU flavoured 3kg


Depends on the application

Shelf life

9 weeks 15 degrees, at least 3 months at 6 degrees.

Physical appearance

About SonPulse savoury fillings
With a growing interest in plant-based diets, beans provide an excellent source of protein and fiber, appealing to vegetarians, vegans, and those seeking to reduce meat intake. To meet these rising demands, we at Sonneveld introduce SonPulse savoury fillings. We offer base fillings as well as ready to use fillings. The base product can be extended into various flavors or product types, providing growth opportunities for your specific market or consumer favorite flavours.

SonPulse savoury fillings RTU

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