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Name Dosage Physical appearance Packaging size
Liquison Crispy 0.5-1% Liquid 900 kg
Proson Freeze 0,5% - 1,5% Block 10 kg
Proson Krokant Malt (crusty malt) 3-4% Block 10 kg
Proson Uni-force Royal 0.3-0.8% Block 10 kg
Sonplus Cru et Précuit (Frozen/Pre-baked) 0,7%-1% Powder 20 kg
Sonplus Cru Surgelé AB (Frozen Dough) 0,5 à 0,8 % Powder 20 kg
Sonplus Dynamic Extra 0,5%-1% Powder 20 kg
Sonplus Krokant Extra (Crispy) 3% Powder 20 kg
Sonplus Scorpison V2-1 0,5-1% Powder 15 kg
Vitason Bourgondisch Grof (Burgundian Coarse) 50% Powder 20 kg

The Profit of Waste

The Profit of Waste

Release agent advice

Release agent advice
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