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23 August 2017 - Bake authentic, delicious and pure breads with FermenSon (Product News)

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Give your bread an authentic character and a pure taste with the ready-to-use pre-ferment FermenSon. With FermenSon, you are able to bake various bread types using a traditional preparing process. A process that is not labour-intensive and time-consuming, as it was in the past, that can always be used, and that yields consistent bread quality day after day. With this pre-ferment, your customers will experience a unique taste, softness and crumb structure. The FermenSon flyer can be used to tell your customers about bread with pre-ferment.

Interested? Contact our Customer Service department by telephone: +31(0) 78 644 25 25 or by e-mail: Our specialists would be happy to help you further!

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Tasty bread, improved quality

FermenSon consists of water, flour, sugar, salt and a starter culture. It enhances the pure taste of the bread. Due to the unique composition, the dosing is many times lower than with self-prepared pre-ferment. FermenSon also ensures a stable and consistent functionality. On the label on fresh baked bread, FermenSon can be declared as ‘pre-ferment’ (wheat). Thanks to the unique formula, the functional components in FermenSon can be kept in the resting phase and it has a shelf life of six months when stored at room temperature.

Functional advantages

• Optimal dough stability
• Fine crumb texture
• Resilient crumb
• Prolonged freshness and shelf-life

Authentic preparation process

In the past, bakers used a pre-ferment to improve the dough properties of the bread. Pre-ferment was discovered in Poland in 1840 and gained in popularity after being introduced in France in the early 19th century. But the use of self-prepared traditional pre-ferment ended when shorter baking processes were introduced in modern bakeries. Bread improvers have largely taken over the role of pre-ferment. FermenSon enables you to....

More information
For more information, view the product page of FermenSon or contact our Customer Service department by e-mail:













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