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11 September 2015 - FermenSon, the ready to use pre-ferment! (Product News)

FermenSon is a ready-to-use pre-ferment specially developed for preparing various types of bread using traditional methods. A traditional preparation process that is not labour-intensive and time-consuming, as it was in the past, that can always be used, and that yields consistent bread quality day after day. FermenSon lets you easily meet the desires of the most discerning customers!

Give your bread an authentic character and pure quality

Today’s consumers are more aware and critical about what they eat. There is an increasing demand for natural products and shorter ingredient lists. Artisanal bakers in particular are expected to bake bread with an authentic character. FermenSon enables you to bake bread with a delicious natural taste and a fine crumb texture by introducing a traditional preparing process. Breads baked with FermenSon have a prolonged freshness and shelf-life. FermenSon ensures a pure taste and traditional quality of your bread.

Transparency to the customer

FermenSon consists of water, flour, sugar, salt and a starterculture. On the label on fresh baked bread, FermenSon can be declared as ‘pre-ferment’ (wheat). Due to the unique composition, the dosing is many times lower than with self-prepared pre-ferment. FermenSon also ensures a stable and consistent functionality. Thanks to the unique formula, the functional components in FermenSon can be kept in the resting phase and it has a shelf life of six months when stored at room temperature.

More information
For more information, view the product page of FermenSon or contact our Customer Service department by e-mail:












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