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Product group Proson Character

For distinction and flexibility 

Proson Character products are dosed on top of a bread improver. The relatively high amount of fat in Proson products makes it possible to add functional ingredients. This gives you the possibility and the flexibility to influence the desired quality of your bread products.

4 products in the Proson Character range: Specify your preferences

Legend: Promotional product Promotional product
Name Dosage Physical appearance Packaging size
Proson Preserve 1% Block 10 kg
Proson Sarrasin 1-6% Block 10 kg
Proson Taste (salt reduction) 1% (recommended) Block 10 kg
Proson XS (extra softness) 0,5-2% Block 10 kg

The Profit of Waste

The Profit of Waste

Release agent advice

Release agent advice
BRC Halal Kosher RSPO Skal

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