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Sonextra Shortening Clean Label

Sonextra Shortening Clean Label
Sonextra Shortening Clean Label will be added to the dough in the process of making bread to improve the quality of the end product.

  • Supple yet dry doughs (dough lubrication)
  • Improved crumb structure & improved softness

Product features

2 - 5%
Sonextra Shortening Clean Label
Bucket, 20 kg
Shelf life:
6 months
Sonextra Shortening Clean Label

This product ensures a short bite and is a natural replacement for lard. In the Netherlands, lard is no longer allowed to be used in bread production because it consists animal fats. Sonextra Shortening Clean Label is 100% based on vegetable oils and fats.

Because of the exact composition of single vegetable oils and fats (lipids), Sonextra Shortening Clean Label contains fat crystals that are very finely divided. These fine fat crystals provide an extremely thin film layer between protein and starch. As a result, the gas holding capacity of the dough increases and the resistance to stretching becomes smaller. The dough gets a smooth character (dough lubrication) and the bread gets a short bite, an improved crumb structure and stays tender for a longer time. There is also needed less sprinkle flour during the processing of bread, which leads to dust reduction within your bakery.

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